The Development Team

The site was set up and initially run voluntarily by just one person, Andrew Sharpe. As the site has grown it has become unmanageable on my own. To help keep the site manageable while maintaining a high standard of puzzle a team of volunteers was formed in September 2018. They help by quality assuring puzzles, contributing to the writing of puzzles and solutions and other general help with the development of the site.

If you want to volunteer to help with the running of Puzzle of the Week please fill the form below. There's no commitment and even if you can check just a couple of puzzles a year then that's really useful!

Development Team Members

Andrew Sharpe - Founder of Puzzle of the Week

Andrew created and runs Puzzle of the Week. He has been teaching maths in secondary schools in the UK and Malaysia for over a decade. He currently works as the NRICH Roadshow Coordinator for the Millennium Maths Project at the University of Cambridge, as a Partnerships Manager for Maths Inspiration, and provides freelance CPD for teachers (

In his spare time he plays with maths, reads books, is a keen juggler, enjoys a good board game, and likes to play with all sorts of Rubik's cubes. Andrew suffers from an unhealthy addiction to Japanese puzzles. In the photo you can see he is out standing in his field.

Jennifer Dickson - Coordination and Development Lead

Jennifer has been in the role of Coordination and Development Lead since October 2018. She helps with the day to day running of the site, puts together resources for teachers, and drives the development of the site in the background in various ways.

She has been teaching Maths since 2006, currently at a secondary school in East Renfrewshire, Scotland, prior to which she taught in Falkirk.  She is a member of the team running the Code Breaking club in her school and she is also a registered Oracle instructor, delivering programming courses to S6 pupils as self-study options.  Jennifer has a keen interest in recreational Maths and Science and loves to “embrace her inner geek”!

She enjoys playing the trumpet, travelling as much as possible, and being a proud supporter of the Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey team.

Stephen Cross - Development Team Member

Stephen has been a member of the development team since its inception. He helps quality assure and develop puzzles, write extensions, and has written some of the solutions on the site. Stephen teaches maths at a secondary school in Bristol, England and enjoys being outdoors and playing the piano, although rarely at the same time.

Karin Romero - Development Team Member

Karin has been a member of the development team since its inception. She has written puzzles for the site and helps by giving feedback and ideas about the development of the site.

She is the Enrichment Specialist at an elementary school in Texas, working with high achieving and gifted and talented students in grades K-4. She loves to travel, solve puzzles, and come up with clever trivia team names. As a member of the MOB (mothers of boys) club, she's been known to take on her 3 boys in ultimate challenges of sarcastic wit, especially when tabletop games are involved.!forum/development-team