What is Puzzle of the Week is and how do I run it at my school?

How do I register my school for the competition?


How do I get students really engaged with the puzzles?

As ever, feedback and celebration of success are two keys to getting students engaged. Students will receive an email and a certificate from Puzzle of the Week but your live feedback document will generate two particularly useful pieces of feedback which you can easily share with them.

Random Weekly Winners
Each week one student from each year group will be randomly selected as a winner (this is automatically done for you). Rewarding the winners each week does a lot to encourage student engagement. Some schools award merits or stamps while others have even produced custom medals for students.
  Top 10 Leaderboard
You will have leaderboards for each year group, an overall individual leaderboard and a class leaderboard for classes who have submitted answers as a team.

How do I easily share this information with the students?

A Display Board

On the right you can see an example display board from last year. If you click on any of the signs it will give you a pdf of each A3 backing sheet which you can print out and leave on the board all year long.

Then each week you simply print the updated A4 sheets which are produced for you and then pin them into the middle of the backing sheets.