It's really easy to run puzzle of the week at your school. Just follow these steps:
  • Fill out the form below to enter your school.
  • Forward the email I send you each Monday to your students (or just make sure your students know to check the website).
  • See your students results. I'll send you a link to a spreadsheet that automatically updates, giving you information on how your students are doing.
  • Set up a display board with the puzzle and QR code on it. Mine looks like the one on the right and is very quick to update each week. Click on each individual poster on the image to get the PDF for that poster or alternatively click here to go to the Google Drive folder with all the bits you need.
  • Award prizes. Your results spreadsheet will automatically select one student who got the answer correct from each year group.
The puzzles are designed for years 7 to 11 (UK) but some primary school students may be interested so it is now open to years 5 and 6 as well.

I find the key to getting interest and engagement is to celebrate success each week; both the success of students who answered the puzzle correctly and the success of your school when competing internationally. Any student who submits a correct answer will receive a certificate automatically at the end of each week.

If you have anything you with to ask or any feedback then please contact me: or @asharpeducator

Click on each individual poster in this image to get the PDF for that poster