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How do I register my school for the competition?

What is Puzzle of the Week and how do I run it at my school?

Puzzle of the Week is a free international puzzle competition for schools. Students submit answers to a puzzle which is published weekly on Mondays. All the previous puzzles and solutions are available in the Puzzle Library to use for free at any time. The three minute video below gives a concise summary of what it's all about. If you don't have time for that then the diagram below that gives a very brief overview of the competition.

Where did Puzzle of the Week come from and who runs it?

Puzzle of the Week is the brain child and passion project of me, Andrew Sharpe, a UK based former maths teacher. I started running the competition voluntarily in 2016 and designed the system and website and writes many of the puzzles. Since 2019 Jennifer Dickson, a maths teacher in Scotland, has taken over much of the administration and work on the site. Puzzles have been contributed by many different authors but Stephen Cross, another English maths teacher, has been contributing a lot since 2019.
The inspiration for the competition came whilst working at Ilkley Grammar School in England. They ran a Puzzle of the Week competition where the puzzles were printed and put in each maths classroom every week. Students then gave answers to their teachers in return for reward stamps. After leaving the school I continued this idea at Garden International School in Malaysia, where I implemented a system for electronic answer submission. After sharing this idea on twitter I was contacted by other schools asking if they could join in. I then launched the site at the KL Junior Maths Competition at Nexus International School in early 2016 with 7 Malaysian schools involved. Since then the site and competition has improved alongside its popularity to get to where it is now.

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