Special Thanks
  • Emma Morgan (@em0rgan) for the inter school idea
  • Lucy Mitchell (@mitchmaths) for system testing and support
  • Kayleigh Sharpe and Angel Ong for website testing
  • Garden International School teachers for support and publicity
  • All the teachers around the world who run the puzzle at their school
Website and logo design
  • Andrew Sharpe
Puzzle Designs
  • Andrew Sharpe
  • Uncredited Ilkley Grammar School puzzle document
  • Odd Addition puzzle inspired by Transum
Credits for images used from Noun Project
  • Schools icon by 'Made Somewhere'
  • Students and Library icons by 'Rockicon'
  • Teacher icon by 'Musavvir Ahmed'
  • Globe icon by 'iconsphere'
  • Credits icon by 'Takashi Kondo'
  • Previous competitions icon by 'icongeek'
  • Puzzle icon by 'Alena Artemova'
  • Age icon by 'Gan Khoon lay' (edited)
  • Names icon by 'Thesaurustool'
  • Podium icon by 'pictohaven'
  • Trophy icon by 'asianson.design'
  • Information icon by 'Starter Icons Collection' (edited)
  • Check icon by 'IconsGhost' (edited)
  • Answer Email icon by 'Amiryshakiel'
Scoring and Marking System Design
  • Andrew Sharpe