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Concept, Website, Puzzles, Logo and Systems Design

Andrew Sharpe (@asharpeducator)

Special Thanks

Ilkley Grammar School Maths Department (@igsmaths)

  For the initial inspiration and concept of the competition. 
 Emma Morgan (@em0rgan)   For suggesting the inter school idea on Twitter and helping with the launch at the KL Junior Maths Challenge at Nexus International School in 2017.

 Lucy Mitchell (@mitchmaths)   For system testing and support in development of the 2017-18 competition.

 Kayleigh Sharpe   For voicing the Puzzle of the Week YouTube videos.
Garden International School Maths Department (@gismaths)

  For ideas and support during the competition's creation.
 Dave Sharpe

  For puzzle testing and puzzle ideas. 
Natalie Clark (@msclark0), Kerry Conlan (@kerryl80), Justin Neill and Kate Egan   For ideas for the teacher's resources page.

    Credits for Images Used

    All images used are under a Creative Commons Attribution License or through fair use. Images on puzzles are referenced on the puzzles themselves from puzzle 64 on and adding this retrospectively is in development. All the icons listed below are from the Noun Project website and are used on the website under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

    Schools icon by 'Made Somewhere'
    Students and Library icons by 'Rockicon'
    Teacher icon by 'Musavvir Ahmed'
    Globe icon by 'iconsphere'
    Credits icon by 'Takashi Kondo'
    Previous competitions icon by 'icongeek'
    Puzzle icon by 'Alena Artemova'
    Age icon by 'Gan Khoon lay' (edited)
    Names icon by 'Thesaurustool'
    Podium icon by 'pictohaven'
    Trophy icon by ''
    Information icon by 'Starter Icons Collection' (edited)
    Check by 'IconsGhost' (edited)
    Answer Email by 'Amiryshakiel'
    Calendar by 'Mello'
    Student Email by 'Hector M' (edited)
    Backpack by 'Lynn Chang'
    Notebooks by 'Made by Made'
    School by 'Made'
    Medal by '' (edited)
    Coding Machine by 'Artem Kovyazin' (edited)